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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section, Here you'll find the most common questions about Savannah Pennysaver Shopper and Savannah Pennysaver website.

1. What is Savannah Pennysaver?
Savannah Pennysaver is the first free classified paper from the Coastal Empire, serving more than 27 counties in Georgia and South Carolina.

2. Where can I get a Savannah Pennysaver?
You can get a Savannah Pennysaver in any convenience store in the Coastal Empire in South Georgia and South Carolina

3. When does the paper comes out?

The Savannah Pennysaver comes out each Thursday morning beginning at 6:00am (Time varies from place to place)

4. When is the deadline?

The deadline for call in ads is Monday at 5:00pm and for ads placed on the website it is Monday at 2:00pm.

5. What is a free Ad?
Free ads are for individuals selling something belonging to them. A free ad is not for anyone conducting business. Think of it like the difference between a yard sale and a flea market. A yard sale is free, a flea market isn't. If you are a car dealer with a car or truck for sale, this would be a paid ad. If you are a real estate agent with a house for sale, this would be a paid ad. Also individuals selling pets would be a paid ad.

6. When is the website updated?
The Savannah Pennysaver ads are shown for free on Mondays, showing the ads that appeared on the previous Thursday paper.

7. What is Early Edition? A paid subscription to the Early Edition on line allows you to see the classifieds one day before Tell-N-Sell goes to the stores, that means that you'll have access to the paper on Wednesday night before 7:00pm, now you can see not only the classifieds but a PDF version of the paper.
7. What is PDF version?
The PDF version is a whole new way to show you our paper, it allows you to print the pages you want and see them just like the printed paper you can find on the stores plus you'll be able to use tools like search by specific words throughout the whole paper and much more. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see it Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Now
9. How much do the early edition costs?
Membership Type Number of Issues $ Per Issue $ Total
Monthly 4 Issues 0.99 cents $3.96
Bronze 13 Issues 0.89 cents $11.57
Silver 26 Issues 0.85 cents $22.10
Gold 52 Issues 0.79 cents $41.08