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Top 5 Reasons Toyota Camry is so popular

Top 5 Reasons Toyota Camry is so popular

If you are looking for a used car under $10 000, the chances are that someone has already recommended the Toyota Camry. The Toyota Camry has been the most popular and best-selling vehicle in America over the last 20 years. For decades, Toyota Camry has offered owners exceptional value for a great price. Considered as one of the most fuel-efficient and reliable of Toyota’s line of mid-size cars, Camry has been loved and respected by car owners all over America.

So, why has the Camry remained so popular for almost a decade and a half? Read on!

1) Safety

The Toyota Camry has a long history of safety excellence. Every Camry offers Toyota Safety Sense as standard, which sets it apart from vehicles in its own range. The suite of features includes Radar Cruise Control, and Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Automatic High Beams, Steering Assist, and Lane Departure Alert. The Toyota brand has been honored with many awards and in 2013 had more IIHS top safety picks than any other auto brand. In 2016, Toyota had nine Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick winners, making it a very secure car to drive.

2) Durability

Over 80% of Camry’s sold 20 years ago are still on the road today – passed from one generation to the next. Simply put, the Toyota Camry is known for being reliable, and you can rest assured that it will stand the test of time. You can hit the road confidently, knowing you’ve got a vehicle you can count on.

3) High-design

Throughout the years, the Camry’s style has been updated, making it more comfortable and better to meet the needs of drivers across the country. The interior continues to provide the utmost comfortable space for five passengers and their gear while the exterior is modern with an aerodynamic design. Luxurious interiors are usually reserved for larger sedans, but for a midsize sedan, the Camry offers a roomy, well-appointed cabin for a smooth, relaxing ride for you and your passengers.

4) Technology

Toyota aims to equip its vehicles with the latest technology elements, so the Toyota Camry continues to offer high-tech convenience and entertainment features. The Toyota Camry is a vehicle designed to be a joyride for the senses. Its elegant exterior is enhanced with a sleek, aerodynamic shape, and complemented by modern interior features. Drivers and passengers can take advantage of these impressive components for a more enjoyable ride.

5) Affordability

The Camry has been an affordable option for Americans for several years now. It is touted perhaps as the best-used car under $10 000 for its exceptional fuel efficiency, coupled with a smooth ride and posh interiors. The Camry goes all out in the efficiency departments with an above-industry fuel average, helping you save in the long-term as you don’t have to go all out at the pump.

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Sporty, comfortable, efficient, convenient, and safe, the Camry is the whole package. And with high safety and reliability scores, you can be sure that even used Toyota Camry models will be superior to new counterparts. Check them today on Tell-N-Sell.