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Dangers of Keeping a Gun in Your House

Even though the second amendment of the United States Constitution has granted the right to keep and bear arms for all citizens of the US, several different organizations have their own interpretations of this amendment due to various risks of owning a gun in your home. Even if the second amendment allows the US citizens, who have not been convicted of a felony, to purchase a gun legally and keep it in their homes for personal protection or gaming, there are several dangers associated with keeping a gun in the home. Here are some prominent risks of keeping guns in your home. Risk of harm to a family...
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Debunking Five Gun Control Myths

Gun control is an important issue that is being addressed by the US government with new laws calling for more regulations and restrictions on the second amendment right to bear arms. This is because there exist a lot of myths about gun control among the masses. The biggest misconception regarding gun control is that more guns equals more crime and it’s necessary to ban as many guns as possible to reduce crime. However, many people believe the best way to reduce the number of gun-related crimes is to have more law-abiding citizens armed with handguns, shotguns, and rifles to defend themselves and...
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Six Reasons to Own a Used Gun

Gun ownership is a popular topic among those living in the United States. Today, a large number of individuals in the U.S. take the precaution of owning a gun for various reasons. Self-defense is a primary reason, though there are other, more personal reasons for gun ownership. Here are six of the most common reasons for gun ownership in the U.S. Self-defense The United State Bureau of Justice Statistics states that the majority of Americans will be the victim or the intended victim of violence at some point in their life. With the fear of violence in mind, several individuals choose to arm...
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