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Seven Boating Emergencies You May Face When on the Water

Even though boating is fun, you may face emergencies while on the water, because having the right boating equipment doesn’t always prevent accidents from occurring. While you may be used to use boating gear and sailboat equipment on a daily basis, if an emergency strikes, you need to know how to tackle the emergency safely.

Here are some prominent boating emergencies that sailor may face when on the water.

Boat is sinking

This can be one of the worst boating emergencies that you may have to tackle. A used boat in Savannah, GA, may sink due to various reasons, but the most common reason is the breach of hull or a hull fitting. Being prepared for this boating emergency is the best solution. Make sure you have the right equipment to stop the leak as soon as possible.

Falling overboard

A large number of sailors who are sailing alone may suffer from this emergency. Also sailors with crew onboard can face this emergency, if the crew lacks knowledge of turning the boat around to retrieve the fallen sailor. In such circumstances, it is safer to wear an inflatable PFD which has greater buoyancy than a standard lifejacket. It increases your chances of surviving till you are rescued.

Boat is buffeted by a disastrous storm

When a horrible storm occurs, there is always a risk of capsize or dismasting. However, with good seamanship skills, you can avoid both of these disastrous consequences. Most fatalities result from falling overboard. To prevent falling overboard, you have to use the right safety equipment before the storm hits. These include harness and tether and ensuring jacklines are in place before the storm occurs.

Feeling seasick

Feeling seasick when on the water can be just a nuisance or a dangerous problem when you need to stay alert and active. Prevention is the best solution to this. Choose the seasickness product that works the best for you to avoid feeling seasick.

Hurricane is approaching

If hurricane is about to hit, you are unlikely to be caught on board with help of modern forecasts. You need the right equipment, such as chafing gear, to help you safeguard the used boats for sale in Savannah, GA.

Your boat prop catches a line and your engine stalls

This can be another nasty situation that might be just a nuisance or a risky emergency when you lose power and steerage in a tight space. Be sure that you have all knowledge of the right steps that you should take immediately. Having the right gear, such as Hooknife, also helps.

Your anchor won’t come up

This can be another emergency that can ruin your day and can cost your hundreds of dollars if you are forced to cut the anchor or you may have to pay a diver to free it. But setting a trip line in advance or having an installed device, such as anchor rescue, can get you back underway in minutes.

These are seven major boating emergencies that you may face when on the water. Even though these emergencies can occur any time, fortunately they are a rare occurrence. Having the right gear on board and equipping your boat with right boating equipment can help you sail with a peaceful mind. Also, inform all the customers visiting boat sales in Savannah, GA, about these boating emergencies to help them adopt a safety attitude that may save their life, if any emergency occurs when they are on the water.