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Savannah Pennysaver lists the top 5 good-quality used vans that can buy today

Savannah Pennysaver lists the top 5 good-quality used vans that can buy today

Vans are easily the most practical, most family-friendly vehicles on the market. In fact, used vans are often better crossovers for carrying cargo and people while offering a better fuel mileage than many SUVs.

Here we list the top 5 good-quality used vans that you can buy today:

2015 Honda Odyssey

The 2015 Honda Odyssey is one of the best-used vans in the market today. Its lux interiors, spacious cabin space, and intelligent controls make it perfect for hauling kids, cargo, or both if the need arises. With the new model, Honda has thoroughly reworked its interiors inside and out for a fresh appearance and has dramatically improved performance and safety.

Toyota Sienna
For many years, the Toyota Sienna has been a go-to van for American families. The best part? You don’t have to buy a new one to enjoy its luxurious comfort, ample space, and utility. You can browse Toyota Sienna on Savannah PennySaver, compare the price, and get the best one in your budget.

Ford Transit Connect
With its affordable price, Ford Transit Connect is an excellent city car for families. The wagon’s 4-cylinder engine has plenty of pep for city driving, and its elegant driving characteristics will be appreciated in traffic and tight spaces. Whatever the job requirements or family needs, Connect is up to it.

Mercedes-Benz Metris
With an array of body types available – ranging from people carrier to haulage options, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter features a powerful engine, luxurious cabin space, and exceptional build quality associated with this high-end manufacturer.

Chrysler Voyager
The Voyager is powered by a V-6 engine, offers room for up to seven passengers across three rows of seats, and provides ample space for cargo. The design and performance are nearly identical to the more expensive Pacifica. On top of being one of the most affordable models in the class, it offers a blissful ride and a peppy engine.

Shopping for a used van may be less “glamorous” than buying a shiny, new car, but it can save you thousands of dollars. Once you’ve established which used van for sale is suitable for your needs, set your approximate price range. Savannah Pennysaver lists thousands of reasonably used cars in Savannah, GA. It is an excellent place to browse through our vast selection of used vans for sale, compare the price of listed vehicles and gauge what you are looking for.