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Points to Consider Before You Buy Used Import Trucks

It’s absolutely important that your arm yourself with some good advice before you buy a used import truck.  Below are some points to consider before you pay money on a used vehicle:Inspect the truck in daylight, not in a covered lot. Even the well-lit garages will hamper a good inspection and conceal defects.

  1. When checking import trucks for sale in or near Savannah, make sure that the vehicle is on level ground so that you can check the fluids accurately.
  2. Check for rusty edges by running your hand along the bottom of all the truck’s doors.
  3. Examine the panels along the truck’s body from front to back.  Do they seem uneven or wavy? Check them again with a magnet.  This is a great way to spot plastic body repairs, which won’t attract magnets.
  4. Watch out for raised spots on the roof, as they indicate rust underneath.  If you really want to buy that truck, a more thorough inspection of that area is necessary.
  5. Inspect inside of each of the tires and look for signs of brake fluid or grease leakage.  Check for tread wear.
  6. Look at the coolant fluid.  It should be greenish. If the color seems off or if you see rust in it, watch out–the engine might be inclined to overheating.
  7. Inspect the air filter.  Is there excessive dirt?
  8. Look at the surface of the engine.  Are there large amounts of oil and grease deposited on it?  This may be an indication that the truck wasn’t well cared for.
  9. If the truck you want to buy has an automatic transmission, don’t forget to check its transmission dip stick.  Smell the oil on the stick. A burnt smell usually means transmission problems on the horizon.

When it comes to buying used import trucks at the best price, remember not to let anything rush you.  Decide on your price range before you even start looking and don’t deviate from your original budget.  Never hesitate to tell the seller that you will need about an hour inspecting and testing the truck.  Ask if he or she has maintenance records available. Most (though not all) conscientious owners keep organized records of maintenance services done on their vehicles.

Here’s one last tip: By far the most efficient way to see a wide variety of import trucks for sale is to go online.  Visit the Tell-N-Sell.com website where you will find a list of available used trucks in your area.  You can’t go wrong with Tell n Sell.  Whether you’re looking for a used Toyota truck or a used Nissan Truck or a used Honda truck, you will find it at Tell-N-Sell.com.