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Why Mileage Matters: The Importance of Mileage When Buying a Used Car

Why Mileage Matters: The Importance of Mileage When Buying a Used Car

When buying a used car, we typically look at factors like the price, condition, and miles per gallon. But there is another important factor to consider when buying used imported cars or locally manufactured vehicles—and that is the mileage. It can affect the vehicle’s value at purchase and sale, and is also the biggest indicator of servicing and maintenance costs down the line.

Things to know

A car’s average annual mileage is 12,000. If the used vehicle you want to buy has a mileage of 60,000 after five years, then its mileage is considered low. A number that’s more than 60,000 would be considered high.

If you explore the range of used cars in Savannah GA with low mileage, you will likely notice that they generally have less wear and tear. This still depends on how their owner took care of the car, of course, but in general, low-mileage vehicles look and feel newer. Their key components enjoy a longer life.

That said, you should still expect to replace some components on a low-mileage used car at some point, no matter how well the previous owner took care of the vehicle. For instance, brake pads and tires are supposed to be replaced every 20,000 miles and brake discs every 40,000 miles. The water pump and timing belt are typically replaced at 70,000 miles, but this may depend on the manufacturer. The flywheel and clutch are replaced every 100,000 miles.

Those are approximate numbers for standard imported cars. Do note that bigger and more luxurious cars tend to have pricier parts. Be sure to check the service history of the used vehicle to determine which components have already been replaced and which parts must require replacement soon. This will allow you to set your budget accordingly when buying a used car.

Is the mileage suspiciously low?

Remember that the condition of the vehicle must be consistent with the mileage. If you notice too much wear on a low-mileage used car, it’s a good reason to be suspicious. Beware that some sellers use ‘clocking,’ which is illegal and punishable by law. They use specialist equipment to adjust the mileage showing on the odometer to make it seem lower.

Is it wise to buy a high mileage car?

Most people ignore used cars in Savannah GA with a higher mileage only to miss out on something great. A high mileage should not necessarily be a deal breaker.

Technology has developed and significantly advanced, which means that modern cars are likely to last longer than older models. Moreover, a used car won’t likely depreciate as much as brand new ones would. In this case, the high mileage has already flattened the curve of depreciation. A used car with higher mileage may have gone through enough regular fluid changes and burning of carbon build-up, too.

It’s not necessarily a bad idea to purchase used imported cars with more than 50,000 miles. The better approach is to determine how much mileage you can still get from the vehicle instead of how much mileage it has gone through.

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