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What to Look For When Buying a Used Van?

What to Look For When Buying a Used Van?

Buying a used van could be challenging as there could be a number of issues that aren’t apparent or may be harder to identify in one go. Vans are generally used to transport heavy payloads and the suspension and the axils undergo significant wear and tear. Buying a van for sale online is even trickier.

Just information on prices, colors, special features, and owner contact information would not suffice. A thorough physical check could give you a better idea of the condition of the van.

Here are some of the important factors you need to look for while purchasing a used van: follows:

Test Drive

Testing the evenness of drive, where the uneven distribution of payload might lead to lean or uneven tracking. An unbalanced van can be extremely unsafe. Hence a test drive is a must. In used vans, engines are subjected to greater strain. Pay careful attention and ensure that there is no rattling or squeaking sound from the axle. The test drive could be a good place to start.

Rusty spots and interiors

There are a number of physical aspects that you need to check such as the exteriors, the interiors of the car, its color and model, and the car engine too. Inspect the van thoroughly for the presence of rusty spots. It’s not just the physical appearance that matters; ensure that you check the functionality of various essential parts of the van too. Running finger along the edges of joints between paints will help in identifying residue left from masking tape etc. Don’t forget to check the lights and indicators too.

Check the Service History

There are instances where a used van is sold because of negative experiences and accidents. Checking the van service history will help you understand the condition of the van. At times owners fail to maintain records. You can easily research a van’s service history by checking the previous records of maintenance.

The engines

The engines are generally subject to greater strain in a van. Check whether there is excessive black smoke emitted by the exhaust.


Another important part that you need to check is the suspension. Pushing down each corner should give you a fair idea of the state of the suspension. The van should bounce back to its normal position.

Brakes and tires

Brakes and tires are the other parts that you need to check. After all, you do not want to go about fixing parts after you have made a purchase! Check the sidewalls of the tires. They should be free from damage and bulges. Uneven wear suggests that there are steering, tracking or suspension issues. Test the brakes too. While testing brakes, listen out for squealing or grinding noises.

Investing in a used car may seem like a judicious option but buyers need to be smart about their choices. Used cars with hidden damages can be pain in the pockets. Tell-n- Sell is that one stop shop for used vans for sale online. Whether you are looking for classic cars, domestic cars, domestic trucks, import cars and trucks, heavy duty trucks, SUVs or a Van, as a buyer, you can compare the price, the value, and the age of hundreds of cars and strike the best deals here.