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Debunking Five Gun Control Myths

Debunking Five Gun Control Myths

Gun control is an important issue that is being addressed by the US government with new laws calling for more regulations and restrictions on the second amendment right to bear arms. This is because there exist a lot of myths about gun control among the masses. The biggest misconception regarding gun control is that more guns equals more crime and it’s necessary to ban as many guns as possible to reduce crime. However, many people believe the best way to reduce the number of gun-related crimes is to have more law-abiding citizens armed with handguns, shotguns, and rifles to defend themselves and society.

Gun control myths promote laws that prevent citizens from being rightful owners of guns for their self-defense and protection of their families. Thus it becomes necessary to identify prevailing gun control myths and counter them with facts about gun-ownership.

Myth 1: Only a small number of citizens own guns today

Fact 1: According to FBI reports, there have been about 70,291,049 background checks for gun purchases since 2008. A large number of common citizens (an estimated 47% of Americans) own guns today. This means there has been a large rise in gun ownership since 1993, when 41% Americans owned guns. Also, today, various websites display a vast variety of gun classifieds to encourage gun sale and purchase.

Myth 2: Guns are seldom used for self-defense

Fact 2: The fact is the most common use of guns is self-defense. Statistics reveal that guns are used up to 2.5 million times annually in the US for armed self-defense even though these incidents are not reported to police and media. This is because the  ‘would-be’ victim draws his or her gun and the criminal runs away so the event is never reported. Remember, self-defense doesn’t necessarily involve shooting a criminal.

Myth 3: A gun owner’s gun is more likely to be used against him by an attacker.

Fact 3: Less than one percent of armed citizens get disarmed by their attackers. The overwhelming majority are successful in using handguns, shotguns, and rifles for self-defense purposes. According to statistics from the US Bureau of Justice armed resistance against an attacker, holding a firearm, is the single most effective solution to prevent assault, injury, or robbery.

Myth 4: Guns promote violence among children and young people.

Fact 4: Children who grow up in a firearms-friendly household know that guns teach discipline and other positive attributes. Guns don’t make kids violent. In fact, studies by various universities reveal that teaching various gun safety tips to young people inculcates in them positive values, such as security, freedom, and recreation, rather than violence.

Myth 5: In particular, urban areas need gun control.

Fact 5: Though there have been different views on gun control in rural areas as compared to urban areas, it’s wrong to say that gun control is more effective in cities. In fact, cities that have the most strict gun control laws in the US have witnesses a larger number of crimes due to use of guns. For instance, Chicago, which follows the most strict gun control laws in the country, witnessed over 500 murders involving guns in 2012.

By dispelling these five common gun control myths and facts, you can buy handguns, shotguns, and rifles from used gun classifieds and become a rightful gun owner without any fear that you are promoting gun violence.