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Buyers Guide: Top 5 Used Luxury Cars

Buyers Guide: Top 5 Used Luxury Cars

It is highly rewarding to find a great deal on your favorite car, and it’s even sweeter when you get an upgrade that can stay well within your budget. Many top-line luxury cars that launch at a higher price can drop a significant amount of resale value after just a few years. This means that a six-figure car that is only a few years old with a reasonable mileage can be bought for a fraction of its original price. If you covet a luxury car at an affordable price, buying a pre-owned vehicle may be just the ticket.

We have compiled a list of top 5 used luxury cars that are not only easy on the pocket but also offer you a luxurious option.

Used Mercedes Benz

The Mercedes Benz motto, “The best or nothing,” illustrates the appeal of this car. The brand has a long-standing reputation for longevity, classic looks, sophisticated styling, cutting edge technology, and exceptional performance. As a luxury car, it depreciates less rapidly than any economy car. You can enjoy a high-end vehicle without paying a high price.

Used BMW

Being the most wanted desired vehicle in the world, BMW has proved it’s high-quality & performance in every possible model. It’s hard to deny the unmatched eminence of car’s posh feel that you can find in every model. BMW is an iconic pillar of the German manufacturer’s ability to create an agile, sophisticated, fun vehicle that can turn heads for its visual beauty as well its roaring speed.


Few manufacturers can boast high-class pedigree and safe riding than Porcshen can. Whether its furiously fast 918 Spyder or the iconic 911, the company has always managed to create cars that are fancied by all. If you are looking for a luxurious pre-owned vehicle with an air of luxury and refinement as for their car to corner well on a track, then Porsche is the right choice. It sure is a very expensive car, but when you buy a used version, you can take advantage of the lower price due to higher depreciation.


Audi A4 is Audi’s second smallest offering in its lineup. However, don’t let its small size fool you, as the car comes better equipped than many vehicles double its size. The A4 offers climate-controlled leather seats, daytime running lights, premium sound system, full-screen GPS to a music control station, and much more. Tell-N-Sell provides a nifty way to search this desirable car on its online portal. Simply, use our advanced filters, browse the advertisements, and contact the seller. IT is that easy.


If you are looking for a pre-owned luxury SUV, then Volvo XC70 will fit the bill. Its Scandinavian visual appeal, along with reliable, long-running engines that have been pitted against the most grueling environments, makes it a clear winner among its contemporaries. Volvo has proved year after year that it is leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors in virtually every way. Volvo XC70 is a robust offering in the realm of reasonably priced luxurious cars, and, for that reason, it needs to be included in this list.

If you are looking for Used Cars for Sale GA, then Tell-N-Sell offers a simple way to search for your dream car in your budget. Whether you desire something from this list or aspire to buy any other model, you can be sure to find one that fits your requirements. Find it out today.