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Boat trailer safety: Top tips

Trailering can give you the freedom to take your boat on just about any waterway, making it a very popular option for boat owners. Not only it is a great way to explore new lakes, rivers, and inlets, but it is also one the most affordable ways to store Savannah boats.

But towing a boat needs to be undertaken with care. Before setting out for your favorite getaway, it is important to consider boat trailer safety for efficiently handling your trailer and boat.

Here are some tips for boat trailer safety:

Boat Towing Vehicle Safety Checklist

The vehicle you are going to use for towing needs to be thoroughly checked before taking your Savannah boats out for the trip. This checklist will help you to decide whether your vehicle is up to the job:

  • Check for your tow vehicle’s towing capacity. A manufacturer or the owner’s manual can help you get a clear idea about the recommended capacity that your vehicle can tow.

  • Check that your towing vehicle’s cooling system, engine, suspension, tires, and all other important parts are in working condition.

  • Do check that the mirrors are large enough to give you a clear view of the trailer. Try to install extended side-view mirrors, if needed.

Hitching up your trailer

It is important to make sure that your boat sales Savannah GA is securely fastened to your vehicle so you can safely haul your boat to its destination and into the water smoothly. Before you fasten your boat to the trailer, there are a number of components that need to be checked.

  • It is important to verify that all the signals, including running lights, brake lights, and blinkers are working efficiently.

  • Corrosion in any part can pose a problem. It can lead to short circuit, if wiring is not routed properly.

  • A flat tire can be an issue, especially if the trailer has multiple axles. Checking the pressure of each tire with a pressure gauge before every trip can help you save a lot of trouble.

  • Lug nuts and bolts on your hitch and trailer can rust if left in water for a long time. It can also get loosen over time. Ensuring that are properly fitted and free of rust is critical.

  • Make sure that the wheel bearings are properly adjusted and maintain. Wheel bearings have a tendency to rust when they are plunged into the cool water after getting warmed up during a drive. It is important to tune them up and apply a fresh coat of grease if they are running hot.

  • Ensure that all the trailer brakes are functioning properly before you head out with used boats Savannah GA.

  • Connect safety chains in a crisscross “X” pattern to the frame of the towing vehicle to securely hold the trailer in place. Also, make sure that the breakaway switch triggers are functioning properly to help in an emergency.

  • It is critical to secure all the important straps and ties so that the boat remains secured in its cradles and do not shift during transport. Also, it is important to distribute gear evenly in the boat so the weight is distributed equally for a balanced load.

Driving safely

Driving a loaded trailer multiplies the risk presented by the wind, traffic, and other roadblocks. Thus, driving a loaded trailer requires special skills to have a precise control on acceleration, steering, and brakes. Learning how to handle a trailer properly before taking your trailer out in the open can help you enjoy a fun, safe outing, both on water and on land.