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5 important points to consider when buying used utility trailers

5 important points to consider when buying used utility trailers

In today’s expensive times, people are looking to save money on all quarters. So it’s natural that when searching for utility trailers the temptation to go in for a used one is strong. However, purchasing a used utility trailer must be a wise decision based on thorough research and inspection for it to be a successful buy.

Being lackadaisical on this front will result in you spending more on your used trailer as repair and upgrades could make it an even more expensive proposition than going in for a new one. Often a used utility trailer will be half or even less of the sticker price you will find a new trailer. So provided you do the ground work you can end up spending half the money on a trailer for just as good as a new one.

You can start off your used utility trailer search in Georgia or elsewhere by scanning online classifieds, message boards, newspapers or sales publications like Auto RV or Peddler’s Post. Allocate a budget for this purchase and then make a list of what how best a used trailer should meet your needs. For example, should it be wired for electricity, what should the wheel size be?

Here’s a five-point purchase checklist:
Inspect the trailer floor
Your inspection of the vehicle must begin at the bottom. Check out the trailer floor for a start to ensure that it is stable and not rusting This is important as often this is usually where problems begin for the chassis of the trailer. Look beneath as well to see that there are no rusted pillars.

Inspect the vehicle altogether
No cracks or plugged holes, uneven wear dry rot or bulges. The tires should be able to carry the load you intend to haul on the trailer.

Ensure that the bearings in the wheel are lubricated and seated properly, and don’t have any side to side or up and down play in them.

The hitch should latch and unlatch properly with no missing parts

Are the brakes on the axles working? Question your seller and go ahead and If possible, inspect the pads, shoes, drums, rotors, and magnets.

Check the leaf springs and spring hangers for cracks, breaks, and repairs which will indicate if there’s an extra load on the trailer or if there has been a sudden impact with something on the ground and the axles have shifted. Also examine the frames, electricals and flooring before you purchase.

Clear Title
The vehicle you purchase must have a clear title. So play the devil’s advocate to find out the previous ownerships of the vehicle: was it stolen or borrowed? Where was it purchased from or where the owner or previous owners before him brought the vehicle from?) As the new owner you need to be kept current on these things.

Pricy or cheap?
Keep a tab on the real cost you would be paying for the used utility trailer. If it is going to involve a lot of repairs and upgrades, it will make better economic sense to go in for a new trailer that would involve warranty.

Buy the right size
Trailer size does matter, for you don’t want to be running out of space. If you cannot reach an exact measure of about how much you would need to fit into the trailer, go for one foot or two larger than what you think you’ll need If everything is in.

If you are satisfied with the price you will be dishing out for the new vehicle, get a notarized bill and title. Then, enjoy the experience of driving away with lots of money still in your pocket!

Utility trailers offer plenty of practical uses, from the construction site to the garden to the farm and all the way to the camping trails. They are designed with gates and sidewalls that increase their flexibility and allow them to haul many different types of loads—from large items to loose fill. It’s important to know how to maximize the practical utility of your trailer so you can get the most value from it. Your versatile trailer is handy for daily use as well as emergency hauling requirements.

Building supplies
Use your trailer to stack up drywall, plywood sheets, or dimensional lumber for a construction job or home improvement project. You can also use it to haul debris and scrap materials to the recycling center or landfill.

Recreational vehicles and camping equipment
Having a utility trailer can really come in handy when you’re traveling for a vacation. Load up your golf cart, ATV, or dirt bike using the convenient ramp on your trailer. You can even use it for your motorbike, snowmobile, or bicycles. If you’re planning a camping trip, you don’t have to get all stressed out trying to pack everything in your truck or car when you have a utility trailer that you can haul behind you with all your camping gear. This means having more space in your car for people.

Garden tractors
Utility trailers are so popular in the landscaping industry that they are routinely called landscape trailers. You can use one to haul a lawn mower and other such equipment to make traveling between jobs much easier. A utility trailer is certainly a great investment if you want to start your own lawn care or landscaping business.

Lawn care materials
Tackle any landscaping project in your own home or on the job site with a trusty utility trailer. Load it up with topsoil, mulch, and other such loose materials as necessary. You don’t have to worry about leaving a trail behind, thanks to the durable side walls. A utility trailer is best for doing manual labor—not just to landscaping but also hardscaping and doing any work on your land. It allows you to haul a good amount of the materials you need so you can make less trips and save time and money.

Furniture and appliances
Do you need to pack up furnishings for your country cottage? Help your kids move to their college dorm? Or perhaps move to a new home? There’s no need to pay for pricey rental trailers when you have your own. You can haul extra-large appliances and furniture by yourself wherever they need to go, anytime.

There are literally hundreds of uses for utility trailers. They also come in different sizes and shapes. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of owning one before, then you know that it’s an incredibly versatile and useful investment.

When buying a utility trailer, new is not always better. You can certainly get a lot of value from used utility trailers especially those that were made from durable and strong materials. The key is to know what size and features you need. A single-axle trailer has fewer tires and is lighter compared to a tandem-axle model. It cannot care as much, but it’s easier to maneuver. If you intend to use your utility trailer for small jobs, then a single-axle might be the perfect option. For hauling heavier loads, a tandem-axle might be the best choice.

No matter what your looking for, you’ll find it here at Savannah Pennysaver. Open or enclosed, big or small, we have used utility trailers that get the job done. Browse our classifieds today.