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4 Top Reasons You Should Drive the Honda Accord

4 Top Reasons You Should Drive the Honda Accord

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable and affordable used car that you can count on for many years, the Honda Accord should be on top of your list. You can find several of them in Tell-N-Sell, the trusted classifieds for used cars for sale in GA. Whatever your budget, Tell-N-Sell is the best place to get the best deal on a used car in Savannah including a Honda Accord.

It’s no secret that the Accord is one of the most popular second-hand vehicles in North America—and there are many reasons for that. Here are three of them:

The Honda Accord has consistently made it to the lists of the world’s most reliable vehicles for more than a decade. Most models last well over 200,000 miles—a testament to just how good they are. Honda Accord engines are known for running forever without requiring major repairs. And should you need replacement parts to maintain it, no problem—the Accord is a popular Honda model, so you should be able to source what you need right away. This low-maintenance vehicle is easy to keep running and a joy to own.

When it comes to safety ratings, the Honda Accord is consistently on top. Most models exceed safety standards in all countries. The 2017 model, for example, gets top marks on the crashworthiness of its side, roof, seats, and head restraints. The Honda Accord’s safety ratings vary depending on the year, but they are very high in general. You really can’t go wrong with this car.

Gas Mileage
Honda Accord mileage is pretty good especially on certain series. An EX-L CVT will give you 36 mpg on a highway and 27 mpg in a city. On average, other Honda Accord models get anywhere from 32 to 34 mpg on highways and around 23 to 26 mpg for city driving. It’s certainly a good commuter car.

Resale Value
The Accord is one of those cars that you can still sell for a decent price even after using it for many years. Hondas tend to keep their resale value and this range is certainly no exception. They are pretty easy to sell, too—someone will likely want to buy it from you after just a few days of posting on Tell-N-Sell. You should be able to get a decent amount of money from the sale, which you can use for purchasing your next vehicle.