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Are You Hurting Your Car Unknowingly?

Every car owner makes an effort to keep his car in the best working condition. However, certain simple oversights can result in expensive repairs more quickly than you think, thus reducing the operating life of your valuable car. Following a few car maintenance tips can help you keep your car away from expensive repairs. But, if you ignore these crucial car maintenance techniques then you could be hurting your car and reducing its performance and value considerably. Ignoring washing your car regularly: Car paint is subject to all kinds of elements ranging from bird droppings or road salt in a harsh...
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Safety Tips When Hauling a Utility Trailer in Summer

The onset of summer means the start of the hauling season for several drivers, as families get their boats, campers, and other outdoor gear out after the end of dull winter. But, before you hitch up and get ready for your outing, it’s essential to think about trailer safety as far as its maintenance and hauling is concerned. Follow these tips to ensure safe hauling during your summer excursion. Have a walk around before you head out. Inspect the tires, lights, and all other trailer connections to ensure they are functioning properly. Install extended side mirrors to your trailer, if it’s wider...
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