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How to Winterize Your Boat for the Coming Winter

Boat winterizing is a tedious task. As fall advances, people head out to winterize their boat for the coming winter. Getting down to the marina when you have free time to winterize your boat helps you protect your investment. However, wintering doesn’t mean taking a few items with you and paying your moorage fees. If you are winterizing a boat for the first time, it is better to know key components to work on to protect the engine and maintain your boat in good functional condition during the winter.

Here are some useful tips that can help you winterize your boat effectively for the coming cold season.

Unpack the boat

Remove all items from the deck and store them properly. This includes fishing equipment, pots, pans, cups, and dishes. Empty the icebox and finish off the food or donate it to a local food pantry. Wash the linens and blankets. Pull out the fire extinguishers and inspect them. Air out the pillows and cushions.

Clean it thoroughly

Scrub down the deck and all closed components of your boat. Using a strong cleaning agent can help you clear out the grout and grime present in various parts of the boat. Rub down the wooden components with lemon oil. Wipe out the drawers and lockers. Get down in the bilge and take out all the stuff that you have dropped in there.

Air it out

Leave all interior doors, lockers, freshly cleaned outer compartments, and cabins open to allow air to circulate. Air will dry out all cleaned compartments and prevent mildew.

Winterize your boat engine and systems

Take your boat out for a final spin and listen to the unusual noises it makes. When you get back to the marina, clean the engine of oil stains and other byproducts that may corrode the engine. This will prevent your engine from wearing out due to the presence of these corrosive agents. Change the engine oil. Replace all the filters. Check the coolant in closed cooling systems to ensure appropriate degree of protection. Check all clamps, belts, and hoses. Clean your strainers. Finally, finish off engine maintenance by spraying the engine down with a coat of fogging oil to safeguard the clean system from the winter frost.

Maintain fuel tank

Another major concern when it comes to winterizing a boat for sale is managing the fuel tank. There are two methods to tackle this issue. One is to drain the fuel tank completely. You may find it difficult to drain effectively. The other method is simpler. Drain the fuel tank as much as possible and then fill it up completely with fresh fuel. Add stabilizer to the fuel in the tank and run the engine for about ten minutes to let the new stabilized fuel circulate around the engine systems.

Add final touch

Finally, remove all your personal stuff, if anything is still left, and close up all the compartments. Haul your boat to an appropriate location. Depending on RV storage and moorage rules, you can store your boats for sale in Savannah at a marina or you can store it out of water in the winter. Cover the exhaust and any holes to keep critters from entering in your boat.

By following these boat maintenance tips, you can winterize your boat appropriately and ensure its safe storage and maintenance for the coming winter.