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Seven Top Tips for Boat Maintenance in the Summer

As summer days continue to get hotter, a visit to the nearby sea or lake may be a welcome change from the heat inland. If you’ve planned for extra free time during the summer holidays, boating with your family or friends might just be a good idea to add  to your list of activities to enjoy this summer. If you already own a boat, remember that boats need extra care during the summer to keep them in ship shape. Remember, a well maintained boat will make your summer trips on the sea much more enjoyable. to help you have safer, more enjoyable, boating experiences, here are some useful tips that you can use to help you keep your boats in good condition during these scorching summer days.

  1. Check the hull and get it cleaned
    The hull of boat is adversely affected in the summer, especially if it’s not serviced periodically. Unserviced and clogged hull bottoms and gears will start having problems with vibrations, increased black-smoke, inability to run for longer periods of time, and inability of engines to reach their full RPM capabilities. Running your boat while the bottom is clogged will put unnecessary stress on its engines and cost you more fuel consumption. To prevent this from happening, make an effort to clean the hull and running gear at least once in a month during the summer Depending on the condition of the hull, you may also need to clean it several times a month.
  2. Lubricate the steering and shift linkage
    Steering has the potential to rust or get jam during scorching summer months. The increased heat of this season also affects shift linkage. This affects the performance of the boat adversely and can put you in trouble in the middle of your water-ride. So it’s better to lubricate the steering and shift linkage regularly in the summer to keep your boats for sale in good working condition. Use the suitable lubricating fluids to keep steering and shift linkage lubricated.
  3. Clean and service strainers
    During the summer, marine growth can clog raw water systems including A/C units and open circuit systems for mains and generators. Strainers, which are the first line of defense, are equipped with baskets that can be removed and cleaned to clear debris and waste from the baskets. To keep A/C systems, mains, and generators working, strainers should be cleaned and serviced on a monthly basis. In some situations, where the marine growth is extreme, strainers should be cleaned weekly or bi-weekly to keep boats for sale in Savannah area functional throughout the summer.
  4. Check the mooring lines
    A mooring system comprises mooring line, connectors, and anchor. This system is employed to station a ship or a floating platform in all water depths. Mooring lines play the critical role of connecting an anchor on the seafloor to a floating structure. It is advisable to check the mooring lines of your boats regularly to prevent their free movement on the water. If a boat is moored throughout the year, it is better to recoat its bottom paint appropriately.
  5. Check the coolant level
    When using a boat for fishing or just for a water-ride, check the coolant level in the motors. Make sure that the coolant and fresh water is present in 50:50 ratio. The right level of coolant ensures the smooth functioning of the engine. Also, flush the potable water system.
  6. Check the engine
    Tune the engine of your boat and check the oil and filters periodically as per the specifications. Also, it’s safer to examine all ignition and secondary wiring for wear.  Smooth operating engine ensures safe water journey.
  7. Install carbon monoxide (CO) detector
    If you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector on your boat, install one. It’s beneficial for a boat with an enclosed cabin. Check the exhaust system for leaks and fix immediately if there are any leak. This will prevent the risk of fatal poisoning.

If you follow these seven pointers for maintenance your boats will stay in a proper, functional condition, even in the summer, and you can also have commendable boat sales in Savannah, GA.