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Maintain your car battery for uninterrupted rides

Maintain your car battery for uninterrupted rides

In today’s hectic life, a car failing to start due to a dead battery can be extremely inconvenient. In order to ensure the proper working condition of Savannah used cars, your battery needs to be in a good working condition as well.

A battery is a vital component of your car, which supports a multitude of processes from starting of the car to excellent cooling. By properly maintaining your battery, you will optimize your car’s performance, reduce future repair costs, extend its life, and maintain its value.

Here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind to help you take good care of your car battery:

Keep the battery clean: Cleaning is crucial  when it comes to maintaining any machine. The same holds true for batteries of used cars in Savannah. Make sure that battery terminals and cable connections are clean and tight for ensuring proper charge.

Dust, grease, dirt, and oxidation can cause corrosion and weaken the battery charge. Thus, it is important to clean the terminals periodically using a wire brush. Also, ensure that the terminals are well-connected to prevent power drainage that can interrupt your ride.

Make sure the battery is holding a charge: Get your battery optimally charged in order to extend its life. It is critical that the battery is fully charged and not under or over charged, as both the possibilities, can hamper its life. If you have maintenance free batteries, check the battery lights from time to time to know whether it needs to be charged or replaced.

Avoid unnecessary usage: Using electrical systems such as AC, music system, and lamps while your car’s engine is shut off can drain your battery, so it’s wise to turn them off while getting out of the car.

Check  your battery periodically: Periodic checks can help you save a lot in terms of both money and energy. Fluid leakage, crack formation, or any other faults can put a load on your battery and hinder its working. Checking it regularly to look for problems will ensure that your car is running at its best.

Keep your battery at optimal temperature: Excessive cold temperature can be unsafe for your car battery. It is advisable to keep the car in garage in cold season, and if keeping in a garage is not an option, battery insulation  kits will help to reduce the effects of frosts and wind chill,  and save you from starting troubles.

Disconnect when not in use: If your car remains unused for a long period of time, it can lead to gradual loss of charge as the car often uses a certain amount of charge to power vehicle’s clock, alarms, and other passive electronic items. Disconnect the negative battery connection of your battery to enhance battery life.

Drive your car regularly: When you drive your car, the alternator recharges the battery of used cars for sale in Savannah GA and prevents it from discharging. If possible, drive your car for at least 20 minutes twice a week for saving you from any battery troubles.

Secure the battery: If your car battery shifts its position, it could tip over and bash against other parts of your engine or spill battery acid all over your motor. Make sure that the battery is correctly and securely mounted on the mounting brackets so it does not move or shift.

Follow these tips and keep your car battery in the best condition to use it for its entire lifespan without any breakdowns.