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Are You Hurting Your Car Unknowingly?

Every car owner makes an effort to keep his car in the best working condition. However, certain simple oversights can result in expensive repairs more quickly than you think, thus reducing the operating life of your valuable car. Following a few car maintenance tips can help you keep your car away from expensive repairs. But, if you ignore these crucial car maintenance techniques then you could be hurting your car and reducing its performance and value considerably.

  • Ignoring washing your car regularly: Car paint is subject to all kinds of elements ranging from bird droppings or road salt in a harsh winter to dust and dirt that hit car when you drive it to a beach. Various other harmful elements affect the appearance of the car adversely. Keeping your car clean will help maintain its appearance and prevent oxidation of the paint, rust, and corrosion. Taking good care of your car even helps you get good financial gains when you wish to sell it. Well maintained cars always offers a good price to its owner.

  • Avoid checking fluids in the car: If you skip examining the fluid levels in your car, it can lead to overheating and affect your car adversely. Examine your engine oil and coolant. Also, check your power steering and brake fluid. It is even important to have enough of windshield washer fluid as it will help you have better visibility when you are driving. Ensure that all the fluids in your domestic car are at optimum levels to keep your car working smoothly. If any fluid is not filled to the proper level, refer to the car’s manual and add the correct fluid till it reaches the optimum level as stated in the manual. Also, ensure that you are changing all car fluids at the recommended intervals as mentioned in the manual.

  • Ignoring maintenance of tires: Even though your car’s tires may appear good, it is very important to have the right tire pressure. All tires tend to lose air as the time passes, even if they appear to be in a good shape. It is necessary to check the  pressure of your tires regularly to ensure that they are inflated to the appropriate level. Additionally, refer the car’ manual to get insight on when to rotate your car’s tires. Rotating the car’s tires at the recommended intervals ensures that they wear evenly which means you can use them for a long span of time.

  • Clogging up your car’s engine air filter: Studies reveal that a clogged engine air filter won’t hamper the fuel economy in  advanced cars but it affects the fuel economy in the used domestic cars. A dirty air filter can have a detrimental impact on how quickly your car accelerates. So, it is advisable to change your air filter at the recommended intervals to maintain your engine’s performance at an optimal level. Inspecting and replacing your air filter is a quick and easy task. Refer to your car manual for recommendation on how often the air filter needs to be changed.

  • Neglecting the belts and hoses: It is also important to keep your car’s belts and hoses in good shape to avoid a breakdown on the road. A snapped serpentine belt may result in the failure of numerous systems in your car. It can lead to the failure of air conditioner, power steering, alternator, and water pump. Refer to your car’s manual to learn when to replace the car’s belts. Also, a leaking or cracked hose can lead to problems such as a damaged or old radiator hose can leak the coolant which can lead to overheating the car’s engine. Ensure that all hoses are checked every time you change the oil to keep all systems in your car running smoothly.

If you take care of these five things, it won’t cost you much to ensure that your used car in Savannah is in tip-top shape. Paying attention to things such as belts, hoses, tires, and fluids will keep you away from costly car repairs and help you maintain a clean car that is in excellent running condition.