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Getting your boat ready for the summer – Summer Checklist

Temperatures rise, ice loosens its grip, flowers bloom in the backyard–winter has paved the way for warm summer days! And, for millions of boat owners across Georgia, it’s time to take out their Savannah boats from the winter storage and get ready for the boating season ahead.

For most of the boaters, getting the boat ready for the new season is mandatory, to prevent any problem once the season is underway. While having an experienced marine mechanic is always advisable, it is prudent that you acquaint yourself with the basic fundamentals of maintaining your boat, and read the manufacturer’s manual of boat sales Savannah, GA.

Whether you are a veteran sailor or a first timer, this handy checklist will ensure that you have the best time on the water.

  • Cleaning: Use a solution recommended for your boat to clean the surfaces of your boat. While cleaning the boat, check the entire boat to look for any signs of damage to the interior or exterior of the body.
  • Fuel system: Long winter months can tax the fuel system. Carefully inspect the fuel system for any damage or leaks, especially on tank surfaces, fuel hose, and other connections. If the fuel hose is damaged, it will show signs of brittleness, cracking, or softness. It is crucial to replace all the components that are damaged and verify that all the fittings and clamps are in the right place. Also, never forget to check that the exhaust and ventilation are in place.
  • Belts and Cables: Cables and hoses can become brittle when unused for a long time. For the safety of the used boats for sale Savannah, GA, belts should fit snugly around pulleys to avert any kind of accidents. Any cracks or swells found on the steering control cables, jacket of the throttles might have been caused by internal corrosion. Therefore, it is extremely important to carefully check them before you take out your boat out in the waters.
  • Electrical system: Corroded electrical connections can be dangerous, so is crucial to inspect all connections for any corrosion or damage. Replace all the corroded wires and clean them with a wire brush. Test your battery and check whether it is charged or not. Also, make sure that you carefully inspect and test other important electronic equipments such as GPS, radio, compass, depth finder, and other marine products.
  • Oils: Before taking your boat out to cruise, check all the important fluids , including power trim reservoirs, coolant, and engine oil. If you find any decrease in any of the fluid levels, be sure to change the oils prior to cruising the boat. Also, make sure that you cautiously check all spark plugs for any damage.
  • Safety gear: Carefully inspected safety gears is the first priority before you go cruising or sailing. Check all your life jackets to make sure that are in a good condition and you have ample life jackets for all the prospective guests on your boat. It is a good thing to make sure that each guest’s life jacket size is according to their overall body weight. Also, it is important to keep the required number of fire extinguishers on your boat. Ensure that they are not only fully charged, but also kept in their designated area.

Get the new boating season off to a great start by ensuring that your boat is secured and prepared to cruise on relaxing summer waters. Investing a little time in getting your boat serviced properly will help you have more enjoyable and safe boating season this summer.