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Five Top Reasons that Make an SUV a Safe Vehicle for Teen Drivers

Has your teenager cleared their driving test and is longing to have a car of his own to drive around? Generally, a teenager will be looking for a sporty vehicle with a great appearance and lots of power, so he can drive it anywhere with pride. As a responsible parent, you will be looking for a vehicle that is easy to drive, has plenty of safety features, and that will keep your teenager safe and sound, even in the event of a collision. An SUV can be the right option since it has several safety features along with a striking appearance. Here are some reasons that make an  SUV a safe, reliable, and wonderful vehicle for your teenager to drive.

  1. Ease to view the surroundings: When your inexperienced teenager is driving a four-wheeler, you will want him to be able to view in all directions clearly. An SUV best suits this type of driving requirement. The higher seating arrangement in an SUV gives the driver a clear view of the ground as well as rest of the surroundings. A teen driver can clearly view all the vehicles around him and feel more secure while driving.

  2. Less possibility of rollover due to a lower center of gravity: Rollover issues are one of the major concerns when driving a four-wheeler. The latest models of SUVs have a lower center of gravity that reduces the possibility of rollover in any kind of accident. You can also find some models of SUVs that combine the low center of gravity with an impressive crumple zone that results in fewer severe injuries in case of road accidents.

  3. Electronic stability control: Today, several manufacturers focus more on enhancing the safety of their vans for sale by including Electronic Stability Control (ESC) that considerably reduces the chance of a rollover in the event of a collision. The ESC system in an SUV enables the teen driver to maintain good control by sensing whenever the SUV is under-steered or over-steered. This helps the driver to better apply the brakes and use the steering controls to ensure his safety when driving an SUV.

  4. Roll mitigation: The Roll Mitigation is a unique and effective system of motion sensors, which constantly monitors to foresee a rollover incident and then adjusts the braking force in order to reduce the possibility of a rollover incident from happening in a road accident. The roll mitigation system being used on the latest SUVs successfully reduces the fatality rates on the road, to a great extent. Today, almost all SUVs for sale have ESC and Roll Mitigation systems to make it safer for the drivers to drive their SUV on the roads, making it nearly impossible for the SUVS to roll over in an accident. This helps prevent the driver from becoming the victim of serious road injuries.

  5. Effective airbag technology and enhanced crumple zones: An SUV has plenty of room inside for the passengers to travel in comfort. In fact, you can find SUVs in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, all with airbags of appropriate size and type, to safeguard the passengers and drivers from serious injuries that may result from contact with sharp edges and hard objects during a collision. It is better to go for an SUV that has not only front airbags but also side and curtain airbags, in order to protect both the drivers and the passengers.  Improved and enhanced crumple zones are featured in the latest models of SUVs which make use of a safety cage structure that is specially designed to absorb the pressure of a front-end collision.

All these aspects prove that the SUVs are indeed safe vehicles to gift to your new teenage driver.   Take initiative for purchasing an SUV from the used SUV cars for sale to let your teen enjoy a stylish ride, as most of the times, the used vehicles are still in an excellent condition. You can ensure his safety and security, as much as is possible, with these safety aspects of an SUV. In this way, an SUV will keep you, as well as your teenager, happy.