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Five Best SUVs for Moms

Five Best SUVs for Moms

Today, moms experience busy and hectic schedules dividing their time between work, play, and driving kids to and fro school, badminton practice, and a list of extracurricular activities. As a result, moms need efficient, reliable, versatile, and safe vehicles to travel and carry out their routine activities smoothly and efficiently. Certain SUVs can best serve this purpose. Here is a list of some SUVs that are child-friendly and best suited for family needs, and simple and easy for mothers to operate for day-to-day travel requirements.

  1. Acura TSX Sports Wagon: This is one of the popular SUVs which is the preferred choice of moms for the  past several years. This sport wagon features a sleek, sporty, and unique appearance. Mothers find Acura’s TSX Sport Wagon attractive, simple and easy to drive. Even though it lacks a cavernous cargo capacity similar to Ford Country Squires, it’s ideal for transporting and delivering heavy art projects or hauling kids and family to hill stations for a weekend outing.

  2. Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon: Just like Acura TSX Sport Wagon, Cadillac’s CTS Sport Wagon sports a fascinating appearance. This new model of Cadillac hauls more cargo than a sedan. It turns heads in the parking lot the way no minivan or sedan ever could. It features creature comforts that include a power-operated tailgate that can be adjusted to the desired height. It even features two fuel efficient V6 engines and three suspension setups that are soft and cushy as well as sporty and firm that makes it ideal for family needs.

  3. Honda Civic: Usually, mothers prefer to drive simple, budget-friendly, and reliable cars and Honda Civic best suits these needs of several moms. You will find that Honda Civic is spacious enough to accommodate a family of four yet sports commendable fuel economy. It is one of the most reliable SUVs when it comes to travel with your kids and family. It is advisable to follow maintenance schedules in order to maintain your Honda Civic in good condition for the long run.

  4. Hyundai Elantra Touring: This is one of the most comfortable used cars in Savannah and ideal for the traveling needs of mothers. Hyundai Elantra Touring has a generous back seat and 24.3 cubic foot cargo space that enables it to accommodate lots of cargo. It is easy to drive and park this compact vehicle. Additionally, it sports modern features such as air conditioning and electronic stability control that makes it worth its value.

  5. Lexus IS 250C: This is another best suitable SUV for sale that serves all travel needs of mothers. The retractable hardtop of this SUV makes it waterproof. It features big and comfortable back seats with enough legroom that makes it comfortable for kids and family to travel without any hassles. This model of Lexus offers impeccable taste for mothers that enjoy driving around for picking and dropping their kids to schools, sport activities, and various other extra-curricular activities.

These are the ideal SUVs for sale which mothers can buy from local dealers to ease their travel and transport needs.