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Domestic cars v/s Imported cars, which one to choose?


Are you in a dilemma, whether you should go for a domestic car or an imported car? It’s obvious for anyone to face this dilemma, when you hear the USA citizens protesting against the increasing purchase of the imported products by several US consumers. People feel that you should go for buying American products in order to boost the American economy and keep the wealth circulating within the nation. This fact comes to a head when you come across the argument over whether the American citizens should purchase domestic cars or imported cars. Here are few important factors that you should consider, when you go for buying a car, so that you can make a wise choice when purchasing a car.

  • Quality: Quality is a crucial factor, as it is tells about the workmanship and durability of a particular car. You can find that many imported cars can have a very long life, rather many of these cars run well on the road even after covering 1,00,000 miles. On the other hand, the domestic cars do not last much after they cover 1,00,000 miles, in spite of taking their great care and maintenance. An imported car will be more durable and will have fewer issues than a domestic car with the same mileage. Several surveys and consumer reports reveal that import cars such as Toyota and Honda did consistently better over the prominent domestic cars.

  • Price: Price of a car is another crucial factor, as it simply does not mean the cost of the car but also includes some long term charges such as the maintenance and repair costs. Even though the domestic cars may be cheaper than the imported cars for sale, the long term expenses of having a domestic car is much greater than the long term expenses of an import car. Domestic cars tend to have more issues down the lane during its life. You can buy a domestic car if you have a small budget, but in a long run it may cost you lots of expenses.

  • Maintenance: If you inquire with a mechanic whether a domestic car or an import car has got a better service history, he will answer positively for the imported cars. The import cars are easy to maintain and can run better than the domestic cars. This is why import cars have better service history than domestic cars. You will find that the domestic cars are easier to work on than the imported cars. This is an added advantage when it comes to the reparation of the domestic cars.

  • Reliability: Reliability aspect of a car tells about the ability of a car to withstand over a period of time and during the challenging circumstances. You can even call it is as dependability. Various consumer reports reveal that the imported cars are more reliable than the domestic cars. The Asian cars are by far the most reliable cars. So, you can count on import cars more than the domestic cars.

  • Value: The value aspect of a car describes what your car will be worth over a span of time. One of the easiest ways to determine the value of a car is to consider its resale value. The resale value of an imported car for sale in the USA is better over a span of time than the resale value of the domestic car. You can even determine the value of a car by considering the lease programs. The imported cars have higher residual percentages. This is why they have better value than domestic cars.

If you consider all these factors, you can make a wise choice when choosing between domestic car and an imported car. Determine your requirements and budget, and you can purchase a suitable car by considering all the above factors to have a comfortable and safe travel for many years to come.