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Best Time to Buy a Car in 2021

Best Time to Buy a Car in 2021

A brand-new car will always be costly even if you manage to get special offers and discounts. For those who want to save some serious money, the best alternative is to look at pre owned vehicles. Here are just some of the men are reasons why use cars in Savannah are always a better deal than brand new ones:

The value of a brand-new vehicle goes down by several thousand dollars the moment it is driven off the lot. By purchasing pre owned vehicles, savvy buyers don’t have to pay for the cost of this sudden depreciation.

The taxes, registration, and insurance costs for used cars in Savannah are much cheaper compared to what you would pay on a brand-new car.

If you’re buying a used vehicle that is still under warranty, talk to the buyer or dealer if a warranty transfer can be arranged. This will save you a lot of money, too.

Best time to buy pre owned vehicles
Believe it or not, there is such a thing as the ‘best’ time to buy pre owned vehicles, just like there is the best time to get a new phone or flat screen TV. Here are some tips:

1. Watch out for certain holidays.
Holiday weekends like Black Friday and Christmas eve are excellent times to buy used cars if you are buying from a dealer. As you probably know, car salesmen have to hit a year-end sales target and will likely be more willing to negotiate during this time of the year. But if you’re buying from a private seller, try to steer clear of holidays when families usually gather. These sellers are probably focused on going to family events—not on selling their cars.

2. Buy during the off-season.
Planning on getting a used convertible? The demand for such car types is low during winter, which means that there are more deals to take advantage of. Do you want to buy a used for will drive SUV? They tend to be high in demand before school starts and during the early winter months, so don’t buy them during this time. Wait for spring when fuel prices tend to rise, making some SUV owners want to sell at a good price.

3. Winter is your friend.
No one wants to be driving across town or slogging across different dealer lots trying to buy a used car in the dead of winter, so prices tend to be lower (because demand is lower, too). The week’s around New Year’s Day is generally a great time to buy a pre-owned car because it falls within the holidays, wintertime, and the year-end rush to meet sales quotas.

4. Wait for the latest model to come out.
If you’re planning to buy a used version of a model that will be redesigned and relaunched in a few months, you will save a lot of money by waiting until the new model comes out. Many buyers want the latest technology, so prices for outgoing car models usually take a dip as new models enter the market.

5. Pay cash.
Make sure you have enough money saved up so you can pay cash for the pre-owned vehicle you want to buy. Having cash gives you haggling power. A private seller or even a dealership will take your offer more seriously if you are prepared to pay them asap.

If you’re looking for great quality pre owned vehicles and used cars, be sure to check out Savannah Pennysaver.