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8 Good Reasons to Buy A Used Car

8 Good Reasons to Buy A Used Car

Buying a brand-new car may seem like a good idea—until you see the price. The good news is that you don’t have to say goodbye to your dream of owning one of those great imported cars just because you have a smaller budget. Here at SavannahPennySaver.Com, you will find a great selection of used cars in Savannah.

Scared of buying a used car? Don’t be. For as long as you do proper inspections, you can certainly buy a great imported vehicle that you can enjoy problem-free for many years. Here are some of the many reasons why it’s a good idea to buy second-hand:

1. Savings
Of course, the top advantage of buying pre-owned imported cars is saving money. You can potentially save thousands of dollars and pay cash for your vehicle—which means freeing yourself from having to pay monthly amortizations. You can own a car-free and clear!

On average, Americans are likely to spend over $33,500 on new vehicles, based on the data from Kelley Blue Book in 2015. As per JD Power, the average cost of a used vehicle in the same year was just a little over $20,000. When you look for imported cars at SavannahPennySaver.Com, you might be able to find used vehicles that are even cheaper than that.

2. No extra costs
You won’t have to worry about depreciation when you buy a used car. The sales tax, insurance costs, and registration fees are also lower for used cars in Savannah. Just be sure to do your homework on the vehicle you want to buy and make sure that you won’t be spending more on its repair and maintenance down the line.

3. Dependability
Older imported cars are arguably more dependable than newer cars. In fact, some car aficionados prefer to drive certain models from the early 2000’s even if they can very well afford a new car. If course, a vehicle’s reliability largely depends on the manufacturer and how many miles it’s covered, so be sure to do your research on that. You can quickly find a list of the most reliable used cars online.

4. CPO programs
CPO stands for certified pre-owned, and it’s usually offered by dealerships specializing in pre-owned vehicles. It means that the vehicle is sold in ‘like new’ condition, with low mileage and proper, up-to-date maintenance. Check on the VIN report to know more about the history of the vehicle, especially if you are looking at imported cars.

5. Better financing terms and rates
There’s some attractive financing available for CPO vehicles if you’re not paying cash. You may be able to get a really low-interest rate.

6. Easy to check
You can use AutoCheck and Carfax to go over the vehicle history reports of used cars in Savannah. When you have the VIN, you can retrieve vital information about the car, such as the number of previous owners, accident and repair history, lemon law history, mileage, and previous registration status.

7. Get a ‘better’ vehicle
If a brand-new high-end vehicle costs too much, you might be able to find a low-cost yet equally reliable counterpart with almost the same features.

8. More choices
There is a wide selection of imported used cars in the market, from Japanese manufacturers like Honda all the way to European brands like Renault. It’s also easy to filter your choices according to model, make, or price.

Use SavannahPennySaver.Com to search for a wide range of pre-owned imported cars. Many of them costs less than $10,000!