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6 Easy Ways to Make Your Car Battery Last Longer

Replacing a dead car battery is not only an expensive cost, but it can also be frustrating to replace it frequently. It must be noted that batteries have a limited life, but with vigilant attention, you can reduce the risk of experiencing a flat battery, and also optimize the potential of your battery life. Here are some helpful tips that can help you take care of your car battery and extend its usable life and performance, saving you both money and time.

1) Keep your battery case clean
Every tool or device works better when it is maintained in a clean condition. Dirt, grime, or rust can damage your battery case and hamper its efficient working. It may help to use a terminal cleaner or a battery brush once in a month, to clean the corrosion build up and scrub any dirt or grime. If it’s in a really bad shape, you can call your mechanic to give it a quick cleaning.

2) Insulate your battery
Protect your battery from extreme temperature changes, especially if you live in an area where you experience severe cold on a regular basis. An insulation kit usually comes along with the new cars or even Savannah used cars, if not, do consider installing a kit that helps and protect your battery from the freezing temperatures. Not to forget that an insulated kit can also cool your battery in the extreme heat.

3) Disconnect the battery when not in use
Are you going on a long vacation or not planning to drive your car for a few weeks? Try disconnecting the battery, to help the battery from getting drained. Be sure you read your car owner’s manual even if you own used cars in Savannah, to learn how to disconnect or consult your mechanic and get help.

4) Service your car regularly
It is important to service your car regularly to maintain optimum performance of your car battery and make it last longer. Car engines that are not maintained correctly, often leads to overloaded car battery, reduced performance and lifespan. Make sure you service your car regularly as recommended by the manufacturer.

5) Keep vehicular electronic running only when engine is running
All the vehicular electronics such a radio, headlights, car lights, and radio, are powered by the car’s powerful engine when the car is running. However, once the engine is shut off, all the electrical devices begin to draw energy directly from the battery, making it drained out. Make sure that you use your car’s engine to run your devices, or you might end up draining your car battery.

6) Use your car regularly
Leaving your car idle for an extended time of period can affect your battery’s charge. It is possible that your battery will gradually begin to discharge if not used for a longer period. When you jump-start a car, it drains the battery in many modern cars including classic cars for sale in Georgia. To maintain a required level of charge in your car, make sure you take your car out for a spin at regular intervals. However, in extreme cold conditions, avoid taking the car for short trips or errands as it can prove to be extra taxing on the battery.

These simple but helpful tips will ensure that your car battery remains healthy and you don’t have to shell out extra money time after time for replacing it.

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